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We are looking for some ideas of what everyone would like to see in 2010 with the ALEiens. 2009 was a great year for the club and we want to bring it even stronger next year. Let's use this forum discussion to shoot around ideas to make 2010 the best year yet.

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I agree, 2009 has been an incredible year, also for me and my hobby-turned-obsession :)

Here are some some ideas that I've heard mentioned before:
* Road trips/crawls to area breweries, pubs,
* Quarterly theme nights at club meetings (Like a "Belgian Dubbel night", where people brew these styles in advance and bring them in to coincide with presentations/discussions on the theme)
* Communal brewing along the line of Big Brew Day
* Semi-annual competitions
* Joint trips to area festivals with transportation to and from
* More t-shirts and other fun gadgets
* Brewing classes, where more experienced members teach techniques to others
* Brew & Sports - Watch a game at someone's house and either brew or taste or both
* Beer dinners - Attend these kinds of events together at area restaurants/pubs
* Family-friendly events such as picnics or other outings
* Visits to other home brew clubs
It might be a bit much, but I have always wanted to do a big group brew and barrel age that sucker. Used bourbon barrels are available pretty cheap. You can pick one up for about 160-170, used once (as is the requirement for Kentucky Bourbon). They hold 53 gallons, so I guess if 11 people did a 5 gallon batch each, that would be enough to fill the barrel and have enough left over to have a glass before it goes in the barrel.

A big stout, IPA or tripel would probably lend itself well to such a thing. This would have to be a multi-session event, probably 3 meetings would do it. The first get together, design the beer and get recipe worked out. Then go home, brew it up and let it get a good way through the secondary. At the second session, transfer it all over to the barrel. Let it rest for a few months, and then at the third session, get together and keg/bottle it. Given that these big beers tend to get better with age, bottling might be the best bet.

Here is one source (among many, surely) for a used bourbon barrel:

Another event I would love to see would be a lecture or meeting with Dr. Patrick McGovern. He is the archaeologist that worked with Dogfish Head to develop Midas Touch, Chateau Jiahu, and Theobroma. Dr. McGovern works at UPenn, so he is a local to boot!

Eivind - There is a restaurant in Princeton, NJ called BT Bistro that does beer/food pairing events from time to time. Their chef is a great guy, and has a knack for cooking with beer. I went to a Magic Hat even there a few weeks ago, and it was a ton of fun. The brewery sent a rep, they had some small giveaways, beer trivia, and a great meal to boot. From what I hear, they are planning some additional events. I'll be sure to toss up a post when I hear something definitive.
My wife got her PhD at UPenn. Her degree is in Art History (specializing in the Ancient Near East, i.e. birth of civilization and beer!). I believe she knows Professors Katz and McGovern (Katz worked with Anchor on their Sumerian beer project back in 1988.) I'll have to ask her...

She's also been on my case to brew an ancient style beer using bapir (barley bread).
Sam, if you want to take a crack at a bappir beer, give me a shout. I never got a chance to try the Anchor example, but would love to give it a try.

That's another one that might make a fun group brew. Bappir sandwich and brew day anyone?
Another local establishment that has been holding Beer and Food pairing dinners is The Buck Hotel in Feasterville. I just checked their website and couldn't find any info about any upcoming beer dinners but they have just had a few in the recent past. I talked to one couple that attended one and they said it was fabulous. They usually have the brewer come and speak at the dinner and explain all of the beers and the food at The Buck Hotel is usually very good. They hold these dinner in partnership with the people who put out the "BeerScene" magazine. The cost for these dinners has been $45 per person. I'm sure the club could arrange for The Buck to put on one of these dinners just for the club as long as we could get enough people to attend.
1) using typical programs: beersmith/promash
2) club picnic/golf outing
3) another brew day!
4) bulk purchase of base malts for the club
Bulk purchase would be awesome, save us all some cash.
Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew would love to work with the ALEiens Club in putting together a bulk grain purchase at a sizable discount. Of course, the better the particiapation and the larger the order, the bigger the discount would be. If we could fill a pallet up with 50 & 55 LB sacks of grain ( and we could include 33 Lb Jerry Paks of Liquid Malt Extract or 50 Lb boxes of Dry Malt Extract) that would help the pricing also.

My two main suppliers are LD Carlson and Crosby & Baker. You can view all the grains that are available from them at their public websites. These would be the lists that I would work with. Here are the links to their public websites that list the grains and extracts:

Bulk purchases would not include 1 or 10 Lb bags of grain. It would also not include single cans of LME or 1 Lb and 3 Lb bags of DME.

An example of pricing that Wine Barley & Hops could extend to the ALEiens Club if members got together and put together a bulk purchase would be:

BREISS 2-ROW PALE MALT - 50 Lb Sack........... $50.00 each
MUNTONS 2-ROW PALE MALT - 55 Lb Sack......$63.00 each
BREISS DME - 50 Lb Box ...................................$145.00 each

Realize of course that the club would have to put together a large enough order for this to happen. Wine Barley & Hops cannot extend this type of pricing for just a few sacks of grain.

Since grains and extracts are food items, there would not be any PA Sales Tax.
There WOULD NOT be any additional costs for shipping.

Just food for thought.

Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply
Beer & cigar pairings
i totally agree with some of the ideas here... i would love to revisit the club barrel idea that would be great!!!... more comps like seasonal ones esp a oktoberfest club comp (obviously in oct.)... the club golf outing would be awesome too and prob raise a few dollars for the club... also i would like to see Nathan and Sams idea of the Ancient brew, sounds pretty cool to me... lots of good ideas guys im loving it
You're loving it? What are you Burger King?

All great ideas boys. I look forward to another great year of brewing with you all. Except Dan, hes a douche.
could you keep our mutual dislike for each others beers confined to a face to face forum and not air your jealousy publicly please...
































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