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Malt Madness Results
August 29 2009
Sponsored by Lehigh Valley Homebrewers
450 Entries

Table 1 - Light Lagers (11 Entries)
David Grosch Flemington,NJ Take Me To Your Liter 1D Munich Helles 1
David Barber* Kempton,PA Beer For The Masses 1B Standard American 2
David Barber* Kempton,PA Munich Helles 1 1D Munich Helles 3

Table 2 - Pilsners and Amber Lagers (15 Entries)
David Barber* Kempton,PA German Pils 1 2A German Pilsner 1
David Grosch Flemington,NJ GB Marzen 3B Oktoberfest 2
Dave Manning/Mike Manning Berwyn ,Pa Vienna Lager 3A Vienna Lager 3

Table 3 - Dark Lagers and Bocks (11 Entries)
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Dopplebock 5C Doppelbock 1
Steve Moen/Mike Wenzel Pequannock,NJ Doppelbock 5C Doppelbock 2
Josh Weikert Collegeville,Pa Chilly Goat Maibock 5A Maibock 3

Table 4 - American Wheat (27 Entries)
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa American Poolside 6D Am Wheat/Rye Beer 1
Nate Panek Ridley Park,Pa Kolsch 6C Koelsch 2
Ryan Ritter Jeffersonville,Pa Leggy Blonde 6B Blond Ale 3

Table 5 - Porters (13 Entries)
Jeff Louella Feasterville,Pa James Brown Porter 12A Brown Porter 1
Dave Drummer* New Tripoli,Pa Porter 12A Brown Porter 2
Kevin Coy Barto,Pa Moondance 12B Robust Porter 3

Table 6 - Stouts (24 Entries)
Joshua Bushey* Bethlehem,PA Nuitari Stout 13E American Stout 1
Ryan Ritter Jeffersonville,Pa Foreign Extra Stout 13D Foreign Extra Stout 2
Curt Keck* Allentown,Pa Steal Your Face Stout 13F Russian Imperial Stout 3

Table 7 - Scottish and Irish (11 Entries)
Wayne Maus* Quakertown,Pa Off Kilter Scotch Ale 9E Strong Scotch Ale 1
Brett Swartz Fairport,NY Ring Of Kerry Red 9D Irish Red Ale 2
Ian Rossman/Kevin Kuchinski/Tony Pucci Doylestown,Pa Shampoo Scottish Ale 9C Scottish 80/ 3

Table 8 - Sour Ales (13 Entries)
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Hilltop Kreik 17F Fruit Lambic 1
Judy Parsons* Green Lane,PA Berliner Weisse 17A Berliner Weisse 2
Ryan Bach Quakertown,PA Flemish Red 17B Flanders Red 3

Table 9 - Wheat and Rye (22 Entries)
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa Kleinzencock 15C Weizenbock 1
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa Delong Dunkelweizen 15B Dunkelweizen 2
Fred Kline Coatesville,Pa Hooff'S Hefe 15A Weizen 3

Table 10 - Belgian and French (27 Entries)
Dan Brady* Bethlehem,Pa 16C Saison 1
Josh Baran* Pottsville,Pa Witbier 16A Witbier 2
Mark Kenesky Blue Bell,Pa Witbier 16A Witbier 3

Table 11 - Belgian Specialty (26 Entries)
Mike Manning* Allentown,Pa Belgian Barleywine 16E Belgian Specialty 1
Kristofer Kwant* Orefield,PA Puissant Brassage De La Saison 16E Belgian Specialty 2
Nate Walter Allentown,Pa Blimp 16E Belgian Specialty 3

Table 12 - Amber Hybrids (9 Entries)
Rich Diliberto/Scott Rudich Pipersville ,Pa Woke Up With Helga 7A Northern German Altbier 1
Christian Mosebach Hatboro,PA Mosebach Amber Lager 7B California Common Beer 2
David Grosch Flemington,NJ Altstadt Alt 7 7C Dusseldorf Altbier 3

Table 13 - IPA (38 Entries)
Mark Kenesky Blue Bell,Pa Waiting For The Wolves 14B American IPA 1
Jeremy Harris Furlong,Pa Zeus'S Thunderbolt 14B American IPA 2
Jeff Louella Feasterville,Pa Yippie IPA 14B American IPA 3

Table 14 - Meads (15 Entries)
Bob Piano* Allentown,PA Sweet Sin 26A Metheglin 1
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Orchard Buzz 25A Cyser 2
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Lemon Mead 25C Other Fruit Melomel 3

Table 15 - Speciality (21 Entries)
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Imperial Pilsner 23A Specialty Beer 1
Mike Manning* Allentown,Pa Black Ice 23A Specialty Beer 2
Scott Minnich/Bob Piano* Allentown,Pa Madagascar Bourbon 23A Specialty Beer 3

Table 16 - Fruit (25 Entries)
Brett Swartz Fairport,NY Cherry Wheat 20A Fruit Beer 1
R J Sherman Washington ,NJ Peach Wit 20A Fruit Beer 2
David Barber* Kempton,PA That's A Peach 20A Fruit Beer 3

Table 17 - Spiced Herb and Veggies (11 Entries)
Dave Drummer* New Tripoli,Pa Coriander Pale Ale 21A Spice/Herb/Veg Beer 1
Dave Drummer* New Tripoli,Pa GBW 21A Spice/Herb/Veg Beer 2
Dan Schreffler Dunmore,Pa Blackberry Stout 21A Spice/Herb/Veg Beer 3

Table 18 - Barleywines (12 Entries)
Tim Caum North Wales,PA Thomas Hardy Clone 19B English Barleywine 1
David Barber* Kempton,PA English Barleywine 19B English Barleywine 2
George Hart Elkins Pafk,Pa Cry Baby Eng. Barleywine 19B English Barleywine 3

Table 19 - American Pales and Ambers (24 Entries)
David Barber* Kempton,PA APA 6 10A American Pale 1
Nate Panek Ridley Park,Pa Tropicale Thunder 10A American Pale 2
Ryan Maple Waldwick,NJ East Coast Blaste 10B American Amber 3

Table 20 - Browns and Olds (20 Entries)
Tim Caum North Wales,PA 232 Old Ale 19A Old Ale 1
Christopher Bowen* Bethlehem,PA Hammersmith Dark Horse 11C Northern English Brown 2
Elliot Van Someren Aidan,Pa El'S Brown Ale 10C American Brown 3

Table 21 - Belgian Strongs (35 Entries)
Nate Walter Allentown,Pa Blonde Honey 18A Belgian Blond Ale 1
Tim Caum North Wales,PA 236 18E Belgian Dark Strong Ale 2
Nate Walter Allentown,Pa Simplification 18C Belgian Tripel 3

Table 22 - English Bitters (15 Entries)
Dave Manning Berwyn,Pa English Pale Ale 8C Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) 1
Tom Eagan Jersey City,NJ Booraem Ave Bitter 8A Ordinary Bitter 2
Joshua Bushey* Bethlehem,PA Bitter Just Like Al 8A Ordinary Bitter 3

Table 23 - Wood and Smoke (16 Entries)
Tom Eagan Jersey City,NJ Oden Ave Olde Ale 22C Wood Aged Beer 1
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock 22C Wood Aged Beer 2
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Bourbon Barrel Icebock 22C Wood Aged Beer 3

Table 24 - Ciders and Perry (9 Entries)
Tom Sup/Chris Becker* Northampton,Pa Apple Brandy Cider 28A New England Cider 1
Christopher Bowen* Bethlehem,PA CMX Afelwein 28C Applewine 2
David Barber* Kempton,PA New England Cider 1 28A New England Cider

Best of Show:

Bob Piano*
Sweet Sin
26A - Metheglin

First Runner-up BOS

Wayne Maus*
Off Kilter Scotch Ale
9E - Strong Scotch Ale

Second Runner-up BOS

Mark Kenesky
Blue Bell,PA
Waiting for the Wolves
14B - American IPA

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Thanks for posting this Christian... Congrats on silver for your Cal Common!
Hope we kept 3rd place in the Keystone Cup!
Congrats guys!
What did you guys think of the judging? I'm guessing many of you didn't get your score sheets....? I put in a 51 IBU Pale Ale, and I believe 54 is the max for the style. But all the judges complained about is that it needs more hops. I know that they're certified, but come on. This isn't a damn IPA. It has a very nice assertive hop character, similar to a Sierra Nevada, except w/ all Amarillo. That's annoying how they can take down your points just because they're hopheads (not that there is anything wrong with that).
Well, congrats to Christian and Jeff. Good job guys. I didn't place with anything, so I'm looking foward to seeing my scoresheets.

I really can't tell you what I think about the judging untill I get my scoresheets back. All I can say Christian, is that the judges don't know what the IBUs in your beer are. They are going by how bitter they think a Pale Ale should be. Granted, I don't think that a Pale Ale should be overly hoppy either, but it comes down to what those judges think.

Judging is highly subjective when it comes to beer, and unfortunately we're not going to always be able to understand what the hell the judges were thinking when they sampled our beers. Trying the same beer out in a few different comps will give you a better idea of how good the beer is.
































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